Take the time to explore the shapes and asana that we move through during most yoga classes. Create space in your body as you move through Sun A, finding stability and support through these foundational poses.


All of our bodies are different. Rather then forcing our bodies into a shape, we move with our breath to find stability in foundational poses. Adding on from Sun A, Sun B will focus more on standing postures, which you will experience in most yoga classes you attend.


Take the time to move, breathe and find stillness to get out of your head and into your body, allowing you to inquire into your bodies, explore your shapes and feel more. A grounded, gentle flow for beginners or all yogis.


Explore your body, notice more and connect movement with breath. Following your intuition or ‘gut feeling’ as you move on the mat, can support your movement through life in a more honest, truthful way. Finding more space in the hips and breathing into our bellies, connecting with our deepest sense of truth.


A short guided meditation allowing you to calm the fluctuations of the mind. Find stillness and notice more of life, escaping the stories and thoughts created by our minds and calming down the nervous system.

Jade Pooley

To practice yoga, is to meet more of yourself, consider it a playground; an exploration of movement, breath and stillness, engaging you with the present moment, and nudging an unfolding of the truest version of you to be birthed. With each moment, comes a clarity. The ability to notice more, to pay attention to the beauty of all of life and to find freedom from within. Your body is a laboratory for this enquiry and the vessel for you to hold it all. and to feel more.

Jade creates a safe and held space to allow students to uniquely explore and enquire into themselves. It is an experience created with clear themes and emotive music, alongside the guidance of connecting movement with breath. Each carefully orchestrated offering is a play of carefully sequenced chapters, to pause and allow for curiosity in each moment.

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